Depot Town Ypsilanti Michigan Engagement Session

 Downtown Ypsilanti Engagement Session Photography

Earlier this month, Brooks and I were given the opportunity to work with Chloe and Claib, who invited us into their new home in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was so natural for us to spend time with this couple in their beautiful, eclectic home and town that matched their personalities perfectly.

Chloe works as a dance instructor at the Toledo School for the Arts and Claib puts his creativity to use by working as a tattoo artist at Depot Town Tattoo. This colorful and compassionate couple shared their affinity for one another, as well as the incredible town they live in, giving us all a glimpse of the lifetime they are preparing to begin together this coming fall. 

Cheers to you, Chloe & Claib!

 In home 
 In Home Wedding Photography Detail 
 Couple sits on couch during in home engagement session
 Engagment Session With Dog
 Engaged couple sits on couch during in home session
 Engaged couple poses in home
 Engaged couple has a session in home!
 Engaged Couple shoots at Tattoo Shop
 Engagement session in Depot Town
 Engagement session at Depot Town Tattoo
 Tattoo details during engagement session.
 Tattoo details during engagement session in depot town, michigan
 Engagement session in Depot Town, Michigan