West Coast Adventures: Part I

Let us start off with saying that we had the most amazing wedding day we could have imagined. Thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends and to some of the best vendors we know, everything came together as we had envisioned and we had a blast. We will come back to this later! For now, we want to share some of our adventures out west.

We spent two weeks honeymooning on the west coast: visiting four cities we’ve never seen before, eating food we’ve never eaten and drinking drinks we’ve never drank (say that ten times fast). We hiked through mountains in Washington, took trolleys in San Francisco and dipped our toes in the Pacific Ocean, ate some delicious Portland cuisine and relaxed by the fireplace in Carmel. If you’re into this kinda stuff, keep reading!

Part I: Seattle

Day 1

After two days of recovery from the best day of our lives, we boarded Alaskan Airlines flight #793 to Seattle, Washington. For this leg of our trip, my cousin was SO kind as to offer up a place for us to stay. As if that wasn’t kind enough, my cousin’s husband, who works for Microsoft, offered to give us a tour of the campus and everything techy inside of it! We explored this amazing place that includes delicious cafeterias in almost every building, a soccer field, game rooms, an eye doctor and a bank, their own little farmer’s market and many more randomly awesome things. Brooks geeked out over some games and accessories and we had a delicious lunch. After that, we were off to downtown Seattle! We had to check out Pike Place Market. Unfortunately the weather was a little uncooperative that day (with rain and wind blowing 60 mph) so the market wasn’t very busy.

We added to the fresh collection of gum on the gum wall that was just cleaned off a week before we arrived, of course. And we got coffee at the first. ever. Starbucks (like omg, I literally can’t even). We spent a good amount of time at the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum. This was a pretty awesome pop-culture museum with exhibits featuring Nirvana, Seattle Seahawks, Indie Game Revolution (way fun), a Guitar Gallery and more. We especially enjoyed the sound lab where we got to write, sing, play and produce our very first single (don’t expect it to hit the airwaves anytime soon). To top off our museum experience, the building itself has an amazingly unique modern design, complete with a HUGE reflective purple glass wall. It is just as awesome on the outside as it was on the inside!

After all this fun, we were ready for dinner. We found an awesome little joint, Radiator Whiskey, on the 2nd floor of a building on Pike Street right by the market. The dim lighting and decor of crates, bourbon barrels and a LOT of whiskey bottles made for an enjoyable atmosphere. We enjoyed a seat right by the window, perfect for people watching. We were in time for happy hour, so we tried their tater tots, topped with fried egg and gravy. It is exactly what it sounds like. Here comes the critic in me…tasty and intriguing for the first few bites, but so so rich and way too much to handle after that. Brooks then had the wonderful idea to try the Cornflake-crusted chicken liver deep-fried in Frank’s Red Hot next, “because it’s our honeymoon and we should try new things”. PSHT. I could barely choke down more than two. Apparently  I’m just not a chicken liver person (even if it is deep fried). Unique dishes aside, it was a great experience and I enjoyed (almost) every moment of it. Even if you’re not into the new menu experiences, we recommend checking Radiator Whiskey out for the cool ambiance and craft whiskey drinks alone.

Another must-drink is the Alibi Room. Although we were still too full from Radiator Whiskey to eat anything here, the food looked delicious and they had a wonderful selection of craft beer and an equally wonderful setting. This ended our first full day in Seattle. We went to bed full and therefore happy, and that’s all we could ask for.

Day 2

The second day was our real adventure. One of the mountains in the area, Mount Si, was calling our names. We were excited to experience something different from Ohio’s flat terrain. Turns out I was a little nervous, too. I was enjoying the beauty of Washington’s wildlife, the moss growing on all the trees, the little streams of water, the quiet serenity of it all when I (suddenly) realized just how high up we were going. I’ve never been at those altitudes outside of an airplane. It was the strangest feeling when my nerves started to take over. I also don’t think it helped that I watch way too much Criminal Minds, Law & Order and other crime/horror shows that led me to believe our only outcome could be getting lost, kidnapped by crazy mountain people and never heard of again…

It also didn’t help that I was not familiar with the map of this trail. I had no idea where the halfway point was at, so I didn’t know if we were going to be hiking for one more hour or FIVE. I realize I  am probably coming off as a complete sissy who can’t handle a little adventure. But I swear, I’m good now. This was the greatest experience! We finally made it to a gorgeous lookout and all we could see for miles and miles was endless greenery and snow-capped peaks. This landscape couldn’t be further from Northwest Ohio, and we fell completely in love with the crisp air and tranquility of the surrounding nature. We eventually made the descent (which was WAY easier) and time went by way more quickly. Knowing what I know now, there was no need for the nerves. Now we can all move on from this and pretend that I conquered Mount Si with no problem.

Seattle may get a bad rep for bad weather, but it has some wonderful things to offer. We were in awe of the beautiful greenery and wildlife and had a wonderful time downtown. The next day we were heading south to Oregon. Keep an eye out for Part 2 of our Honeymoon blog where we both experienced our first Amtrak ride, stuff ourselves with even more delicious food and experienced the wonderfully weird city that is Portland.