Unique Victorian-esque Wedding at Mon Ami Winery

Wedding Photographers at Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio.

I’ve been intimidated by the thought of writing this blog post since before the wedding even happened. How do you find the words to describe two people who have such a knack for words themselves? How do you explain this whole new level of creativity, awesomeness, spunk, gumption and just straight badassery? How do you express your admiration for two human beings without sounding weird? Well, I’ll give it a try….

I met Korrin & Eric (and Sir Sebastian, their dog) for their engagement session in downtown Toledo where they let me lead them into an old abandoned warehouse and create some epic images. I immediately recognized their ability to just be themselves. Quirky, totally infatuated with each other, genuinely kind, intelligent and fully invested in life and enjoying every minute of it. These two are just really cool.

In the months leading up to the big day, I got to know Korrin more. Via email, I got photo updates of her ridiculously creative designs, the girls’ dresses and of the wine cellar where the ceremony would be held (followed by her wondering if it would be too dark and if the barrels were ugly and if she should just call off the wedding. JOKING, of course). She raved about her love for Annie Leibovitz style photos and ranted about everyone treating her like she was clinically insane. She shared her timeline via Google Docs (my fav) and even let me read through the ceremony script (and made me cry).

It was always a joy receiving these emails. I felt truly involved.

Okay, see...this is where I feel like I’m going on and on about another human and maybe it’s getting a little creepy? Should I have just stopped at ‘these two are really cool’? Oh well...

The best part was seeing everything come together. The little things that reflected who these two were, inside and out. I got to see, in real life and not just via email, how truly hilarious and fun Eric & Korrin are. They make the people around them happy just by being in the same room. Not to mention, they are really really ridiculously good looking. Scroll down to see for yourself!

Oh, and you know you’ve reached a new level of cool when you have a live performance of ‘Bye Bye Little Sebastian’ at your reception. No, Chris Pratt wasn’t there (to my dismay), but it was still pretty epic.

Ashley Rockwell Makeup does bridal makeup in Fremont, Ohio.
Ivory bridal wedding shoes in Ohio wedding.
Lace wedding dress from Maggie Sottero Designs.
Stunning wedding makeup by Ashley Rockwell Makeup.
Vintage wedding details photography
Wedding photography of bride and groom at Hayes Presidential Center.
Mens wedding band and women's diamond wedding ring.
Beautiful bride in red lipstick with new groom.
Groom sees bride for first time in Maggie Sottero Design wedding dress.
Wedding photography of groom and bride in lace wedding dress from Maggie Sottero Design.
Bride and groom wedding photography in Sandusky, Ohio.
Bride and groom wedding photography in downtown Sandusky, Ohio.
Bridal party wedding photography at Hayes Presidential Center.
Groomsmen in grey suits in Sandusky, Ohio.
Bridesmaids in purple dresses in Sandusky, Ohio.
Bridal portrait photography in downtown setting in Sandusky, Ohio.
Bride and her father before wedding ceremony in wine cellar at Mon Ami.
Bride and groom at wedding ceremony in the wine cellar at Mon Ami Winery.
Candle light wedding ceremony at Mon Ami Winery.
Wedding ceremony at Mon Ami Winery in Catawba Island, Ohio.
Bride and groom kiss at wedding ceremony in Mon Ami.
Annie Leibovitz style bridal party wedding photography.
Bridal party on party bus to Catawba Island Brewery
Bridesmaids at Catawba Island Brewery in Catawba Island, Ohio.
Bartender serves beer to bride at Catawba Island Brewery.
Wedding photography in brewery at Catawba Island Brewery.
Graphic design of wedding logo 
Bride and groom cut cake at wedding reception in Fremont, Ohio.
Bride and groom's first dance at Plaza Lanes in Fremont, Ohio.
Bride and groom dance at wedding reception.
Bride dances with father in law during wedding reception.
Live acoustic performance of 'Bye Bye Mr.Sebastian' at wedding reception.
Wedding photography of bride and groom at wedding reception.
Ridged wedding band for grooms and diamond wedding ring.

I hope these words and images give you an idea of how wonderful this day was. This summer sure has treated us well with some of the sweetest, most beautiful couples, a great collection of venues/vendors and a collection of the most creative wedding inspiration you could imagine.

Congratulations Korrin & Eric and thank you so much for letting us into your lives and inviting us to be such a big part of your wedding day!

Bride and groom wedding photography at Mon Ami Winery.

Bridal Makeup - Ashley Rockwell Makeup Artistry

Bridal Gown - Maggie Sottero Designs 

Ceremony Venue - Historic Mon Ami Winery and Restaurant

Reception Venue - Plaza Lanes

Bridesmaid Dresses - Modcloth

Catering - Jimmy G's BBQ

Suits - Men's Warehouse

Bridal Hairstyle - Main Street Salon in Clyde, Ohio