The Bride Tribe: Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Bride Type

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She's the shoulder you cry on, the girl who tells you what to wear, holds your hair, and oh so much more. Not only is she the bride to be, she's also your best friend. Before she ties the knot, it's up to you to plan a bachelorette party that she won't forget.

The days of ordinary and traditional bachelorette parties are long gone. To the girl who has never left your side, it's time to plan a party for that special bride. 

Bride Type: The Ray of Sunshine

The bride that lights up the whole room, craves adventure, and enjoys soaking up the sun deserves more than just one night of rowdiness with her girls: she deserves a vacay. Soak up the warm presence of each others company at the destination of your choice. Whether it's a remote beach, a local waterpark resort/ tiki bar, or even the pool in your backyard, your ray of sunshine bride will love a little bit of rest & relaxation. Check out The Kalahari for an affordable and enjoyable weekend getaway!

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Bride Type: The (Queen) Worker Bee

You're convinced that she's always on her feet, doing whatever she does that keeps her so busy. With her wedding day quickly approaching, it's time she experiences some zen and peace all while hanging with the girls she loves most. Treat the bride and other girls to a spa day, yoga class, or even some mani pedis to release some tension before her big day. Don't be afraid to find some DIY at home spa essentials and enjoy the time together while making and using them!

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Bride Type: The Giver

You can always find her doing something for someone else. She's not only a giver, but she's a keeper. For the bride that loves to give, the ideal bachelorette party for her is doing just that: giving. Find a local charity, soup kitchen, or animal shelter to fill her heart with the joy of helping others. The Humane Society is a great spot for you all to get your fix of cuteness and share the love with some deserving animals.

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Bride Type: The Life of the Party

Eyes on the prize! A night out on the town is just what she needs to turn heads, grab attention, and create lasting memories with her girls by her side. Look on Pinterest to gather some fun ideas for a scavenger hunt, tentative itinerary, or even some games to play when you arrive at your desired location. Watch her have the time of her life, crossing off items on the list or singing her heart out to her favorite karaoke songs. The Life of the Party Bride deserves to be the attention grabbing girl of the night!

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Bride Type: The Goal Digger

She's not afraid of a little competition. When it comes to games, she leaves it up to her motivation and integrity to help her come out on top. Head on over to the local bowling alley, arcade, or casino for a night of friendly rivalry and bachelorette olympics. Add in some bachelorette games of your own and you'll be the real winner of the night for treating her to a night of competition. 

No matter what bride type she may be, or what you may choose to do to honor her, she will love all the thought and effort put into it. Not to mention how much she will appreciate the company and time spent making some great memories with her girls, so don't be afraid to try something new and sneak away from the traditional bachelorette party!

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