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Chilly Greenhouse Engagement Session with a Warm Hearted Couple face

When the sun hides behind the grey skies of the late fall and early winter don’t put your engagement session plans to a halt. This couple is the perfect example of why.

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Chic Bohemian Engagement Session on the Sand Dunes and Shores of Silver Lake Michigan

The mixture of sand dunes and lake shores made for an elegant and chic engagement session that we absolutely adore! This adventurous couple’s impression in the sand may have been temporary, but their love is clearly not. We explored the Silver Lake Dunes, capturing the beauty, not only of the scenery, but Hannah and Michael's love as well. 

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The Bride Tribe: Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Bride Type

She's the shoulder you cry on, the girl who tells you what to wear, holds your hair, and oh so much more. Not only is she the bride to be, she's also your best friend. Before she ties the knot, it's up to you to plan a bachelorette party that, surely, she won't forget.

The days of ordinary and traditional bachelorette parties are long gone. To the girl who has never left your side, it's time to plan a party for that special bride. 

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4 Times it is Okay to Be a Selfish Bride

No, I’m not giving you free reign to turn into a complete bridezilla while planning your wedding. I’m not going to condone crying over your dream venue being out of budget, treating your bridesmaids like servants, or throwing a tantrum over imperfect dress alterations. Planning a wedding is stressful business, but you still need to act like a reasonable person. That said, there are circumstances where you’re allowed to be a selfish bride - within reason, and always with tact.

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Gorgeous Blush and Grey Summer Wedding at Stone Ridge Golf Club

I don't think you could ask for a better backdrop to your wedding day than this breathtaking Bowling Green sunset, except maybe the completely flawless cloud-free September day these two had for their outdoor ceremony. After dodging rainy outdoor weddings all summer long, we were happy to keep the umbrellas stowed away for once! Taylor make for an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous bride, and Tyler cleaned up pretty well himself!

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Early Morning Engagement Session in Downtown Perrysburg

Sunday morning, we took a stroll through downtown Perrysburg with Kristine & Ryan. It was so easy talking with them and finding our common interests (ie. Food & brews, music and, for the boys, baseball).  It was a little chilly at 8am, especially for these two who are used to their Jacksonville, Florida weather, but the sun quickly peeked over the buildings and warmed us all up. 

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