9 Unity Ceremony Ideas for Your Perfect Wedding Day

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When it comes to establishing unity between you & your new spouse, there is really no right or wrong way to do it. This binding declaration of love can be so beautiful and we always love seeing the unique ways our couples choose to do so.

A unity ritual expresses two lives becoming one. It shows two individuals committing to one another, joining together in perfect union. Not to mention your unity ritual within your ceremony will give you a few minutes to slow down & truly enjoy your togetherness on one of the most important moments of your lives.

If you’re considering doing a unity ceremony, but don’t know where to start or what to do, look no further. There are SO many amazing unity ceremonies you & your partner can choose from to add onto your special day. We have gathered some great ideas from our past couples’ unity ceremonies that will give you the inspiration you need to plan it out. Keep in mind, as you scroll, that this is your moment, so don’t feel obligated to follow in the footsteps of tradition.

1) Planting a tree
Planting a tree not only is a symbol of unity, but a symbol of growth within a relationship that requires nurturing and love. Often times, the bride & groom pour soil or water into the pot to signify the joining together of lives & the future growth of their relationship. Sometimes, families join them in this process to signify the combining of families.

Toledo Couple Plants Tree at Unity Ceremony in Ohio With Photographers from Northwest Ohio
Bride and Groom at Wedding in Toledo Ohio With Wedding Photographers during Unity Ceremony

2) Mixing sand
Both the bride and groom simultaneously pour their cup of sand into one, creating layers of combined sand to signify their unity brought together through marriage. This can be done colored sand to see the two distinct individuals coming together as one.

Bride and Groom Pour Sand at Ceremony with Toledo Wedding Photographers

3) Lighting a candle
Perhaps one of the most common unity ceremonies, lighting a candle is a beautiful action that incorporates a member from each side of the family. Prior to the ceremony, the two members light the outward candles as the center candle awaits to be lit simultaneously by the bride and groom after the exchanging of vows.

Bride and Groom from Toledo Ohio with Wedding Photographers Light Candle in Church at Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony with Couple and Destination Wedding Photographers from Toledo Ohio

4) Mixing up a drink
Mixing up a cocktail is a fun way to unify the lives of the bride and groom at the alter. Each individual choose their favorite beverage and combine it to form a cocktail of their choosing, sharing the first sip into a new life together.

Wedding Ceremony with Couple from Ohio at the Toledo Country Club with Photographers from Toeldo

5) Wine Ceremony
Though there are many ways this can be accomplished, a wine ceremony is a common unity ceremony. The couple pours wine into two separate cups to share at the alter. To signify the joining of family, sometimes, the bride and groom share their drink with the members of their spouses family.

Anniversary Box with Bride and Groom from Toledo at Ceremony with Photographers from Northwest Ohio
Wedding in Toledo with Photographers from Northwest Ohio during Ceremony

6) Anniversary Box
The bride and groom place a bottle of wine, combined with written letters to one another for their anniversary. Nailing together the box, they create a strength based symbol of unity that gives them something fun to look forward to on the 1, 5 or 10 year anniversary to open together, catching a glimpse of where it all began.

7) Braiding 3 strands on a cross
Braiding roped together for a unity ceremony is a traditional religious symbol of unity, stemming from the verse, Ecclesiastes 4:12, “…but a cord of three stands is not easily broken,” referencing the bride, groom and God as each individual strand. The braided rope shows the joining together of a couple in a marriage that is God centered.

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8) Communion
Similarly to braiding the stands on the cross, taking communion is also a religious declaration of unity. The couple receives bread/communion wafers and wine as a symbol of, again, beginning their relationship centered by God.

Bride and Groom from Toledo Ohio take Communion at Wedding for Unity with Photographers from Ohio

9) Creating art
Creating art is a fun way to show unity among the bride and groom and can be done in many ways. One way this can be done is by painting a canvas together with two separate colors. It serves as a great decoration for their future home & token of remembrance of their wedding day.

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Anyway you choose to come together in union during your ceremony will be absolutely beautiful. If you know of any other unity ceremony ideas comment them below! We would love to hear about them.