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Toledo Wedding Photographers at Wedding Reception in Ohio

I LOVE wedding receptions. Whether it’s a live band or a DJ, an indoor ballroom or backyard dance floor, the fun, the laughter, the music, the joy that happens on that dance floor is unparalleled! The purely candid photos that come out of the reception are some of the most fun pictures of the day (with good reason). It’s the time when everybody finally gets to let loose and celebrate! We've curated a list on some of our favorite bands and DJ's to top off the fun of the night!

The dance floor is there for a reason. The couple didn’t make sure there was a dance floor at their reception just so people could look at it! As a guest, your main job is to keep it packed (okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating). But the DJ/band are there to keep you going. Nobody is making fun of your goofy moves (this is a wedding, it’s to be expected). And if you are afraid to be the first person out there, well get over it. That’s everybody else's main fear too. And if every guest gives in to this fear, it’s going to be a very boring night.

Wedding Photographers from Northwest Ohio at Wedding Reception in Bowling Green Stone Ridge Golf Club
Bride and Groom Share First Dance at Wedding Reception in Toledo Ohio with Wedding Photographers
Toledo Ohio Wedding Photographers and Guests at Wedding Reception

To the brides & grooms to be; you better not forget why you have a dance floor at your reception, either! You were the ones that chose that DJ or band. They are there for you. We get that you want to make each guest feel welcomed. You have to go say hello to aunt Sue from Denver and Uncle Matt from New York, but this is your wedding celebration! Going around to each table for ‘a quick hello’ is literally impossible. The hours will FLY by, the day will be over and you will have only been on the dance floor for 2-3 songs. Let your guests come to you on the dance floor! After all the hours of planning & decorating, this is your chance to relax and dance away any of the stress you have built up in the last few weeks. Enjoy it!

Bride and Groom on Wedding Night Share First Dance at Their Reception with Photographers from Toledo Ohio
Bride in Toledo Ohio Dances at Her Wedding with Photographers 
Groom on Dancefloor at Wedding Reception and Toledo Wedding Photographers Capture the Fun
Bride and Groom's First Dance at Wedding Reception with Wedding Photographers from Toledo Ohio
Bridesmaid Dances at Wedding Reception with Photographers from Toledo Ohio
Same Sex Couple Shares First Dance at Wedding Reception with Toledo Ohio Wedding Photographers
Bride and Groom Dance Together on Wedding Night at Reception with Toledo Wedding Photographers in Ohio

Swatch Studios Favorite Bands: 

Bluewater Kings
Distant Cousinz
Nine Lives

Ohio Wedding Photographers Capture the Liveliness of a Reception in Toledo