Looking Back on Our First Year of Adventures as Husband and Wife

Around this time last year, I was about to walk down the aisle to say ‘I do’. Looking back, I had the most amazing experience leading up to the big day, putting everything together, trying on dresses, planting hundreds of succulents with my bridesmaids and bringing together our closest family and friends to celebrate with. We still look back and wish we could do it all over again (and again).

That’s how I feel looking back, anyway. If you could talk to Diana of last year, she might tell a bit of a different story. While I was excited, I have to admit I got stressed about some of the details. Were the invitations perfect? Could we get the warehouse ready in time? Would 150 of our closest friends and family fit in the Blarney Event Center, which holds exactly 150 guests.?

The answer to all of those questions? Yes. The invitations set the perfect theme. Friends and family pitched in to help us get the warehouse set up for the ceremony (and boy has it cleaned up since then - check out Rustbelt Coffee!). All of our guests fit snug into the Blarney (and there was plenty of room to dance).

Were there things that didn’t go exactly as planned? Yes. And I can’t even remember what those are today. Most importantly, we all had an amazing time. We laughed, sang, and danced the night away. Looking over at Brooks across the dance floor, surrounded by our best friends and family, Christmas Ale in hand....that was everything I could have imagined.

I know it’s easy to get caught up in the details when you’re planning your wedding. You stress about everything being perfect, and think about all of the things that could go wrong. I know because I have been there, and I have seen all of our couples go through it as well. I want to remind you that this day will go by faster than any day of your life, so revel in every moment, even the ones that seem imperfect. Because it’s not the planning leading up to the wedding day that matters, it’s the part that comes afterwards. It’s the part that comes after the reception and after the honeymoon that is hard. It’s the actual marriage that is work every day. It’s not always hard, but it’s not always easy either. It’s learning more about yourself and your spouse every day.

With that being said, here’s a little highlight of some of the favorite adventures we’ve had in the past year. Thanks to The Wayfarers for creating these beautiful images that we will cherish forever.

We explored the west coast on our honeymoon, stopping in Seattle to hike Little Si, Portland where we smashed on as much food and bourbon that we could, toured the steep streets of San Francisco and enjoyed the sunsets in Carmel.

We took to New Orleans where we ate and drank a lot of delicious things with two of our best friends, Emily and Sam.

We took our mom's (two of our favorite people) to see the Toledo Mudhens on Mother's Day.

We have made the most amazing memories with the most amazing friends and family including visiting Rhinegeist Brewery, a Kelleys Island day trip, canoeing on Fourth of July weekend, being guests at our friend's wedding, tailgating with our fellow BGSU alum and hanging out downtown with Handlebar Toledo.

We're continuing the 'wedding dates for life' tradition....

And best of all, we are now homeowners! The condo that we have been renting for two years is now our own and we couldn't be happier.

And now, we’re off to the beaches of Oahu to watch a surf competition!