Finding True Value in Print

Today, I want to talk about something a little personal. As you may know, I recently lost my mother to pancreatic cancer. These past few months have held some of the hardest days  of my life, but what I have realized, more than ever, is how valuable prints are. I have been spending a lot of time with family looking back through old photos of my parents and their siblings growing up and even my grandparents and great-grandparents. Everyone came together to dig through box after box of prints, stopping every couple of minutes to show off a favorite find or share a funny story. We spent many hours crying both happy and sad tears. In those days, they didn’t have the choice between print or digital files. Film was precious, and prints were the same - carefully stored in an album or a frame to be passed down for generations.

Now, here we are, 50 - 75 years later. I look back in awe at how beautiful my mother’s senior portrait was and I love the candid moments of my 14 aunts and uncles standing out on the farm with no shoes on. I cherish the images of my brother and I growing up whether we’re in all-denim outfits in a JCPenney portrait or in our pajamas Christmas morning when I dressed up as the goalie so my brother could practice with his new hockey set. You might not think these physical prints are important today when you can look at all of your memories on Facebook or Instagram, but what about your children and your grandchildren? They may not be able to go back and look at your newsfeed to see what your wedding dress looked like.

Old family portraits from over 50 years ago.
Old black and white prints.
Wedding reception at Mudhens Stadium, mother of the bride cries during Father/Daughter dance.

As photographers, we often think about the importance of picking out just the right pictures for a beautiful leather-bound album or a dramatic metal or canvas print for the wall. We think about prints of our client’s favorite wedding moments both big and small. My mom’s passing has inspired me to encourage you to think about print too. You deserve to have the special moments from your wedding day and your life to be frozen in time for generations. Life is incredibly short - take the time to make prints and savor the memories.