Expert Advice from La Boutique Nostalgie


When we started planning our own wedding, we had a lot of ideas based on things we’ve seen in the wedding industry. It is truly a blessing that the experience we have in the industry has given us such a solid idea of what we like and don’t like. However, if you don’t live, eat, breathe and sleep weddings like we do, it can be quite difficult to sift through the many ideas you have and choose the best ones to use! If you’ve been searching blogs for months, and your wedding Pinterest board is getting full, it can be hard to decide what ideas not only work best for you but what is feasible for your venue and budget.

Eventually, you may get to a point where you need some help. Wedding designers and coordinators are fantastic resources to help bring your vision and plans together and make everything run smoothly. This is where Brigitta from La Boutique Nostalgie comes in.

We met one morning for coffee at The Flying Joe in Perrysburg. With a yummy vanilla latte & bagel in hand, I found a seat in a super comfy couch in the back corner and sunk right in to dish about wedding design. We have had the honor of working with Brigitta for a couple of weddings in the past year and look forward to working with her again this year. Since we are huge fans of Brigitta and the ladies of La Boutique Nostalgie’s awesome work, we wanted to pick the brain of an expert and find out more about what is trending in wedding design and how hiring a designer can take your wedding to the next level (all while keeping the bride’s sanity intact). 


Getting to Know La Boutique Nostalgie

La Boutique Nostalgie began doing vintage-centric event design in the Toledo area since about 4 years ago and Brigitta has lead the team for the last year. It is no secret that we are lovers of all things vintage, so we fell in love with their style immediately! They create custom designs for each wedding; ranging from rustic to glam; that are timeless, classic, and beautiful.

So where do all of these amazing design ideas come from? A lot of the team’s ideas come from blogs such as Elizabeth Ann Designs, Ruffled, Style Me Pretty and French Wedding Style. They are also inspired by books and movies from the 1920’s and 1960’s and frequent antique stores for their inventory of props and decor.

The multi-talented team at La Boutique Nostalgie also offers floral design, and are experts at tying in the flowers you’ve been dreaming of with your vision for the day, leading to a beautiful and cohesive design for your wedding. They even offer wedding coordinator services to relieve your stress in the months leading up to your big day, the rehearsal dinner, and most importantly your wedding day. 


How Does it Work?

Our favorite thing about La Boutique Nostalgie is that the team works with each client individually to create a completely custom design. Rather than storing hundreds of mason jars in your garage for months before your wedding and then worrying about what to do with them afterward, you get to choose from their huge inventory of beautiful, unique vintage pieces from their shop and warehouse. Brigitta works directly with couples to develop the vision, and will even set up sample tables in the boutique to pin down the final design.

When it finally comes time for you to walk down the aisle and party the night away, you don’t have to worry about enlisting the help of your wedding party to set up or take down your event. La Boutique Nostalgie takes care of everything (and did I mention not having to worry about what to do with those mason jars afterwards!?).



Adding personal touches to create a customized wedding design has exploded in the past couple of years because of the increased accessibility to design and DIY blogs, and of course, our best friend Pinterest. This provides great inspiration for couples, and for those of us in the industry, it provides an amazing resource to keep an eye emerging trends. So what’s our design expert seeing more and more of these days? Brigitta mentions seeing an increase in bohemian design aesthetic and an overall organic feel. Floral design is moving away from compact flowers (think a tight bouquet of roses shaped into the traditional ball); and also following the organic trend. There’s now a demand for organic shapes like draping eucalyptus, lots of greenery, interesting texture like billy balls, and of course succulents. For the truly bohemian-at-heart brides, flower crowns have stepped over from music festivals and are now taking center stage at weddings. Vintage and bohemian go hand-in-hand, and Brigitta is excited to expand La Boutique Nostalgie’s design offerings with this trend.

I’m a DIY Champ. Why Hire a Designer?

As wedding photographers, we have the exciting insight into our Swatch Couple's planning from their initial vision of the day through the end result. Many times, and for a thousand different reasons, the design changes through the planning process. With so many accessible DIY projects on the Internet, it doesn't seem far-fetched that you could design on your decor. However, it is a lot to take on! It can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating if the projects don't work out as planned. A wedding designer can help you narrow your scope of wedding style and help you achieve the perfect cohesive look for your day. Many times, designers can also get things at a lower cost because of their relationships with vendors or because they are ordering in large quantities. They pass this savings along to you, and can even help you save precious room in the wedding budget. Can I also just reiterate - the set up and clean up is all taken care of for you! While we have amazing respect for our do-it-all brides, placing this responsibility in the hands of a wedding designer can be a seriously heavy load taken off of your shoulders during these stressful months.


What’s Next?

The increase in stylized weddings we've seen in Toledo provides a great opportunity for La Boutique Nostalgie. Brigitta mentions she is looking forward to expanding the team, especially in the coordinating and planning areas. Expanding the team also offers more ability to increase coverage. While Toledo will always be home to La Boutique Nostalgie, Brigitta looks forward to expanding their range to Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, and Dayton.

I had a great time catching up with Brigitta and we can't wait to work with La Boutique Nostalgie again in July. If you are deep in the midst of planning your wedding, check out their website and take advantage of a free consultation with Brigitta and her team!