Engaged: The Hows and Whys of Your Engagement Session

We were walking into the woods. The sun was setting, casting a luscious golden glow over everything. It was a picture perfect evening at Oak Openings.

This park never fails to please us. A gorgeous Metropark in Swanton, Ohio with beautiful wildlife and diverse landscapes, Oak Openings has been sought out by photographers from all over and even has its own hashtag #thenwohiospot! It is a lovely example of Mother Nature’s beauty, and we have had the opportunity to celebrate here with several wonderful Swatch Couples for weddings and engagement sessions.

Only today, we didn't have our cameras. This time, we were the subjects. We were the ones deciding what outfits to wear to complement each other. Picking the perfect pair of shoes and getting dolled up. Fighting off the nerves and hoping we aren't terribly awkward on this side of the camera.

What a crazy feeling!

I have no problem telling our Swatch couples how to prepare for their engagement session:

‘Don’t be nervous, you will do great.’

‘This will be a great opportunity to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.’

‘Yes, your hair looks amazing!’

‘And seriously, you look stunning.’

Planning for our session, we took a lot of our own advice. We got some fashion inspiration from Pinterest and my favorite fashion blog. I made sure my hair and makeup stylist knew the look I was going for, and had me picture perfect (thank you, Betsy!). Despite all of our planning and experience with engagement sessions, Brooks and I found we both had butterflies on the car ride over to Oak Openings! We questioned our ability to look both beautiful and natural in front of the camera, but our nerves were immediately calmed after just the first few shots.

Alex and Brea of The Wayfarers were brave to take on shooting two photographers, and they did a phenomenal job! Being able to spend time with them before the big day was extremely important to us, and we could not have been more pleased at how natural and relaxed our engagement session felt.

We can now say, with experience, that your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to take your mind off the planning, treat yourselves to a new outfit and some pampering, and enjoy a quiet minute with your fiancee. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but this moment really is all about you two - about remembering the chemistry that brought you close and why you are on this journey together. It's a moment to close your eyes and appreciate the warmth of your arms around each other. For these few hours, we were away from the rush of life; enjoying the fresh spring air and beauty of the surrounding forest. We weren't checking our phones, answering emails, or making plans. It was just a sweet moment in the woods to embrace our love. Not only did our engagement session give us some much-needed time to ourselves, it gave us confidence in the fact that we made the right decision in choosing The Wayfarers to capture our big day. It was a great opportunity to shake off our first-time jitters, show more of our personality to our photographers, and get a feel for what life is like on the other side of the lens.

Even before this shoot, we always recommended an engagement session to our Swatch Couples. Now that we have played the role of client, we can say with confidence AND experience that the engagement session is one of the most important things to do in these hectic months of planning your big day.

We can't wait to see the rest of our images from our session! Check out some more of our wonderful newly engaged couples and connect with us today to schedule your session!