Emerald and Grey Wedding at the Malawi Event Center in the Toledo Zoo

Going into Brooke & Kelly’s wedding, we knew we were going to be in for a treat. How could we not get excited when we heard talk of giraffe-feeding and a huge wall to wall aquarium? We were looking forward to working at the newest venue at the Toledo Zoo - the Malawi Event Center.

Right away, we knew these two had something special. Their gifts to each other were incredibly sweet and personal, really showing how well they know each other. Kelly loved his new whiskey decanter from Ireland and Brooke was surprised to find photos of the two of them in her very own View-Master. Along with the gifts, Brooke & Kelly gave each other handwritten notes - both just happened to use the stationary from the hotel they stayed at the night before the wedding. It was truly meant to be (and gave us all a little laugh).

Their ceremony took place in the zoo’s historical theater inside the Museum of Science which the couple loved because of the vintage vibe and cool architecture. We couldn’t agree more! After the sweet ceremony, we explored the zoo’s awesome amphitheater and then snuck off with the bride and groom to the gardens. The golden sunset couldn’t have been more beautiful and the tranquility of having the whole zoo to ourselves was just magical. Afterward, the long-awaited moment came - it was time to feed the giraffes! What an amazing experience to top off an already amazing day. We had a blast and even snapped a few selfies with the giraffes.

The party continued at the brand new Malawi Event Center. The backdrop to the head table was breathtaking - a 73 foot long, seven foot high, 12,000 gallon tank filled with a variety of fish. We got to know the couple a little more through the words of Brooke’s father and sister as well as Kelly’s brother. It is undeniable how much these two are loved and supported and perfect they really are for each other.

Bride puts on her wedding dress from Fantastic Finds at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio.
Beautiful bridal portrait before wedding
Detail photography of bride's wedding day jewelry.
Wedding ceremony decorations from Bartz Viviano.
Feeding giraffes at the Toledo Zoo.

We had an amazing time working with Lexie and her crew at the zoo! Of course, this day wouldn't have been possible without this super talented team of vendors....

Ceremony // Indoor Theater in the Museum of Science at The Toledo Zoo

Reception // Malawi Event Center at The Toledo Zoo

Brooke's Dress // Fantastic Finds in East Lansing, Michigan

Hair & Makeup // Soto Signature Salon

Florist // Bartz Viviano

DJ // Decorative Sound

New wedding venue at Toledo Zoo with huge fish tank.