Dreamy Ombre Wedding in Northwest Ohio

Our couples this summer just keep amazing me.  At this point, I don’t even know how to describe them. I feel like I’ve already used ‘amazing’ and ‘breathtaking’, ‘perfect’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’. Just when I think things couldn’t get better, we go on to shoot our next wedding…

With my genuine love for each and every wedding we’ve done this year, I am getting worried that I am sharing just a little too much. I wonder if people even want to read what I have to say about these weddings. Maybe I’m gushing over each and every detail just a little too much….

Should I maybe take it back a little bit?

If you answered yes, skip down to the images.

If you answered no, keep reading, because I am absolutely in love with Katheryn & Jake’s wedding day and can’t wait to tell you about it.

Let’s start from the inside out. We could tell how kind and loving they were as we got to know them at their engagement session and leading up to the big day, but it became even more apparent when we saw how they were around their friends and family. They have a way about them. A patient, calm and caring way. In addition to that, they are fun. They have the perfect amount of goofiness that will bring a laugh into any situation. It is clear that their lives will be filled with fun and silliness.

Stylistically, these two are killing it. The perfect floral crown from La Boutique Nostalgie and stunning flowy dress from Belle Amour Bridal helped round out Katheryn’s breathtaking bridal look. Ombre is in and these bridesmaids wore it well. Jake rocked the jet blue suit like nobody’s business and the floral tie (OMG THE FLORAL TIE) was literally so perfect.

Side note: I’d like to take just a little credit for this one. After Brooks’ groomsmen rocked the floral tie at our wedding, I sent Katheryn to the same Etsy shop and they loved them!

Although rain threatened all morning, it was as if this spunky group had no idea of the weather. They were all smiles, laughter, and joy; seemingly unaware of the clouds rolling in. As the ceremony got closer, the excitement built up. Katheryn & Jake elected not to do a first look, but we were able to sneak them into a quiet room where they stood on either side of a doorway holding hands. A few giggles were shared as they fought the temptation to peek around the doorway. Jake said a sweet prayer, then he was shoo’ed away to prepare for the ceremony.

The rain held off until after the two said ‘I do’ and made their grand exit through a flurry of bubbles. Once the rain came down, it came down hard. Thankfully, there was a gorgeous overhang at The First Congregational Church, so we were able to get some beautiful images outside without getting Katheryn & Jake caught in the downpour. This gorgeous historical church held a lot of character, so we took a few more minutes here before heading off to the reception.

As if it was meant to be, the rain came to a halt just as we arrived at the Monclova Community Center. We took the whole bridal party out for a few more photos and a few more laughs, then sent them inside so we could have a little more time with Katheryn & Jake. When you have a bride and groom as stunningly beautiful as these two, it’s hard to walk away.

We could have kept photographing these two for hours, but we were excited to get inside to enjoy some City BBQ, the 100 pounds of candy, dancing and the photobooth! Just as we thought, we were not disappointed. After some sweet speeches confirming our beliefs that Katheryn & Jake truly are the two sweetest people, we had a delicious BBQ dinner and filled a little brown bag with our favorite childhood candies.  

A sparkling cake topper was the perfect way to top the delicious cake from Eston’s Bakery. The sunset shining through the windows made for delicious, dreamy lighting for the first dances. Sounds of Music DJ got the party started and family and friends let loose and didn’t hold back their best dance moves. Guests snapped selfies with Katheryn & Jake’s Fuji Instax camera and struck there craziest poses in our photobooth. This day was the perfect addition to our wonderful year of summer weddings!

Such a fun group!

Then things got weird...

Then Brooks tried on Jake's glasses. What do you think!?

I’ve come to the conclusion that we have THE best couples in the world. In a couple weeks, we'll be celebrating with Kimberlee & Tyler at The Pinnacle and we are staying busy through September at The Stables, Stone Ridge Golf Club and over in Aurora, Ohio at Walden Inn. Keep an eye out for even more amazing weddings!