Bridal Emergency Kit: Top 10 Must-Haves

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I’m honestly not sure how it happened. It wasn’t even mine! This pesky little stick of bright, beautiful, red lipstick made its way into my hand. From there, it made its way to the floor making sure to leave its mark all over my hands and legs on its way down. I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. The thought that immediately ran through my mind? ‘I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.’

I did what I could to erase the messy evidence, put the lid back on and get the lipstick out of my posession. Some time later, as I was prepping the beautiful ivory wedding dress for the bride, I caught a glimpse of red in the corner of my eye. It was coming back to haunt me.

The lipstick was on the dress. ON. THE. DRESS. (And the worst bridesmaid award goes to…)

Without getting the bride’s attention (she was in front of the mirror with this notorious tube of lipstick), I grabbed a couple other maids seeking help to nip this thing in the bud. This is where we present: 

The wonderful, glorious, amazing, perfect, save-the-day,
everybody's-best-friend, bridal emergency kit!

I played it off pretty cool, but on the inside, I was having a minor heart attack. I learned my lesson on the importance of a bridal emergency kit. As a bridesmaid, it is your job to shelter the bride from any panic-inducing crises on her wedding day. You want to be prepared for whatever the day throws at you, and a great way to do so is to prepare a bridal emergency kit. Start thinking about what you will include in the kit a couple of months before the big day because chances are, ideas for what to bring along will come to you randomly.

Hopefully you won’t need it! But if you or one of the other bridesmaids commits the worst bridesmaid crime ever committed (see above story), then you will be the one to save the day. You will get the hugs, the high fives and praise Jesus, Hallelujahs.

So check out this list below. Pack it up, don’t forget it and please, be careful with the red lipstick.

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1. Pharmacy Items: Pack drugs like Alka-Selzer and Advil for those pesky rehearsal dinner hangovers, and don’t forget the nervous-tummy pills like Pepto Bismol and Tums. If you’re spending any time outside, sunscreen is a must; and allergy medication like Benadryl (the non-drowsy kind!) can help with watery eyes and sniffly noses. Eye drops can also help refresh red eyes that late nights may have caused. Other essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and deodorant can help you feel fresh all day long. One last item here: tampons and pads, even if Ms. Red isn’t currently visiting! You’ll never know who will end up forgetting her own supplies.

2. Sewing Kit: We have seen groomsmen split their pants mere moments before the walk down the aisle. Make sure your sewing kit has thread in the colors of the bride’s dress, bridesmaid dresses, and groom’s tuxedos. Scissors are also really helpful if you need to trim any stray threads. A small bottle of superglue or double-stick tape can also be a life-saver for anything a needle and thread can’t fix. Make sure you also pack safety pins and push pins.

3. Mani-Pedi Needs: If you are painting your own nails, grab an aerosol nail enamel dryer spray to help speed up the process, as well as a fast-drying clear coat to hold everything in place. If you had your nails professionally done, it’s a good idea to have one bottle of the color you used for nicks and chips that may happen, plus a good clear coat to set it. Bonus: use the clear nail polish to stop any runs in tights or pantyhose!

4. Makeup Essentials: One amazing thing about getting your makeup professionally done is that it lasts through a long day of tears and long night of dancing! However, it is never a bad idea to pack extra eyeliner, false eyelash glue, oil absorbing sheets, and of course the lip color or gloss you’re wearing. A pack of makeup removing wipes can be great to fix any blunders (and are a lifesaver for cleaning your face at the end of a long night!).

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5. Stain Removers: If addressed immediately, most stains will come out with water, but pack a stain removal pen or wipes, like Tide To Go, for any emergencies. Also have Q-Tips, cotton balls, and white washcloths/towels on hand to apply water or stain remover. Remember to DAB stains, not rub; and test on a hidden part of the garment to make sure your stain remover doesn’t leave a stain of its own! If you have an especially stubborn stain on white, you can use white chalk or baby powder to help cover it up.

6. Must-Haves for Hair: You can never go wrong with extra hairspray or bobby pins, even if you are getting your hair professionally styled.

7. Drinks & Snacks: Be sure to check with your bride or the venue about whether food and drinks (including alcohol - Champagne for mimosas anyone?) are provided. It’s always a good idea to have bottled water and remind everyone to keep hydrated! Ladies often start the day very early so make sure to plan a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks to keep everyone energized and having fun all day long.

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8. Chargers for Electronics: You’ll probably be playing music, Instagramming, and texting the day away so make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable ‘low battery’ notification. Pack your phone charger (and an extra if you have it), and be prepared to share! If you have one, a small Bluetooth speaker or iHome can be a great addition to the pre-party.

9. Odds & Ends You Might Consider: I was once in a wedding where the bride gifted us these gorgeous robes to get ready in, but they were totally wrinkled when we took them out of the box. Luckily one of the girls brought a small fabric steamer and was able to get the robes (and bridesmaid dresses) looking fresh. Also, a little reminder to the more forgetful members of the wedding party can be extremely helpful for those personalized items they may want to have extras of (like contact lenses, prescription medications, etc).

10. Last but not least - lots and LOTS of tissues!

As for my bride in the beautiful red lipstick? We told her about it after the ceremony. She laughed it off! Thank goodness our emergency kit saved the day, or I might have been kicked off the party bus.

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