Blog-worthy Wedding Photos

If you have been following along, you know that this wedding season has been out of this world. We have had some wonderful couples, beautiful venues and amazing details. Because of that, we have been doing our best to share some of our favorites images from each wedding on our blog and we hope that it gives future brides some inspiration! If you are into things like lace-sleeved wedding dresses, fun and entertainment for guests at outdoor receptions, stunning Maggie Sottero meets epic Annie Leibovitz and breathtaking Lake Erie sunset views, then you will want to go check those out.

Now that we are halfway through this wonderful season, we wanted to take a minute to share some tips on how to help ensure your wedding photos will be blog-worthy and Pinterest-ready. So here are a few things to keep in mind for your wedding day from getting ready, to the little details, location scouting and, my favorite, the timeline!


Windows! Lots of big windows!

This is super important especially while you are getting ready. Church basements with no windows are just not conducive to beautiful photos. Try to find a place nearby, whether it be a hotel room, a salon or someone's home that you can get your hair & makeup done and get dressed at. It will be well worth it.

Along with this, you want to consider the exact placement while getting hair & makeup done and putting on the dress. Ask your makeup artist and/or hairstylist if they can set up their station right in front of the window. When it’s time to put the dress on, set yourself up in front of that same window. This will make for the best detail shots! See below.

If a lot of natural light is an option at your ceremony, that is also ideal, but we understand if a dark church is special to you or if you want to get married somewhere awesome like the cellar at Mon Ami Winery. This is definitely understandable and our gear can handle any kind of low-light situation. 


Go out and explore! You can’t expect your photos to look like those epic photos from the PNW if you are getting married in the midwest. But that doesn’t mean we can’t explore and create equally epic photos here in our little corner of Ohio.

So plan ahead. Communicate the look you are going for and let’s work together to find the perfect photo locations. If it means taking a little drive to find somewhere unique, so be it, we’ll just have to make extra time for it! Which brings us to my next point….


As I have said before, timing is everything. Not only planning ahead and coordinating an organized day, but also leaving extra time throughout the day in case things get behind or something doesn’t go exactly as planned. Being prepared and reserving plenty of time for photos is going to ensure that your portrait session is enjoyable and you won’t have to worry about rushing around.

Your photographers will appreciate the extra time and they will be able to craft even more wonderful images! If you need advice on planning your timeline, check out my previous blogs covering getting ready and your first look (or not). This will help to start planning your stress free timeline!

Be Unplugged

This topic has already been covered but it deserves another go around. Letting your bridal party know to keep their phones hidden will A. keep them in the moment, therefore keeping them in photos, therefore adding to the story of your day and B. you won’t look back at our wedding photos in 20 years and say, ‘Omg look those huge ugly phones people used to carry around!’. (But seriously). The point of hiring a professional is to let them take the photos.

You can also let your guests know to keep their phones put away, especially during the ceremony. Just post a little sign or have your officiant make an announcement. That way, your photographer doesn’t have to work around guests sticking out in the aisle to get a lousy iPhone pic or, even worse, an IPAD pic. (oy). While the below pictures are fun every once in awhile, it’s more desirable to avoid these situations.

Attention to Detail

This also starts in the morning when you are getting ready. Usually, couples are getting ready with their bridal party all at one place. This calls for bags, purses, extra clothes and more lying around the room. Once your photographers arrive and you start getting dressed, be mindful of the mess in the room. The less clutter in the background of your photos, the better. Nobody wants to see your bras and underwear lying on the bed while you are stepping into your beautiful wedding dress.

Lastly, don’t forget the little details! If you are hoping for a blog-worthy wedding, you can’t skimp on the details. Everything from your invitations, shoes, rings, jewelry, veil, garter, floral arrangements, favors, centerpieces, signs and much much more. Whether it’s DIY or a florist/decorator, you want your details to add to the style and theme. Images of the details are some of our favorites because they help tell the story of the day, which is exactly what we want to do.

If you keep these things in mind leading up to the big day, you are one step closer to having blog-worthy, pinterest-ready wedding photos!