Rene & Chris - Northwest Ohio Wedding photographer: Rochester, Michigan


Mr. & Mrs. Deman are our first official Swatch bride & groom. We had a beautiful day to capture this beautiful event and are so excited to share with you!

I danced my way through high school show choir with Rene and I met Chris at a Piston's basketball game several years later. These two are picture perfect and have the sweetest and kindest personalities to match it. Every detail was beautiful and elegant from the pretty blue hues to the yummy chocolate fountain. 

We got to join the bridal party on a little trip to Birmingham where we hung around a firetruck and did some semi-illegal things (like stopping traffic to get a picture in front of the Birmingham movie theatre.) Every time a cop drove by, I thought we might have something to worry about, but Chris seemed to know every single one of them! They would just congratulate him and be on their way. People on the street might have thought we had celebrities in the group. haha

Anyway, we had a blast and were glad to be a part of this big day. We wish the best of luck to Chris & Rene and can't wait to see their family grow! :D