DoMoe Wedding


Josh & Sarah had an outdoor wedding at some family property in Michigan. (In the middle of nowhere). The rain was messing with us all day, but the intimate ceremony was beautifully planned facing a little pond and it was going to be perfect rain or shine. As the guests filed to their seats and the groomsmen escorted the bridesmaids down the aisle, everybody got nervous as the rain fell just a little bit harder. Josh stood in the rain waiting for Sarah and it didn't even matter. As they came together, the rain came to a stop right on time. It was SO PERFECT!

I loved capturing the excitement and love in both of their faces and I may or may not have teared up a little. (Okay, I did). You can just see the happiness in their eyes as they look at each other :)

Following the ceremony, we fought off some more rain but had time for everything we needed to do and everything turned out perfectly. Rain couldn't ruin this day. Ending with an awesome party to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives together, Josh & Sarah were surrounded with their loved ones and I don't think they could have asked for anything else.

Congratulations Josh & Sarah, I am so so happy for you! I hope you are enjoying your vacation in Cancun! :)