Perzynski Wedding

I can't begin to explain how awesome this weekend was. Brooks and I left for Maryland Friday morning and made the 8 hour drive through the mountains. I'll admit, this was NOT a fun drive...but the view was BEAUTIFUL. The rolling hills were something I have not gotten to experience very much in my life, living in flat Northwest Ohio. We stopped in West Virginia at Cooper's Rock State Forest for lunch (and another nice view), arriving at our hotel around 3. We met Ryan & Ashley Friday night at the rehearsal dinner and had some AMAZING crab dip, crab cakes, clam chowder and shrimp. SO tasty! We avoided some tornadoes and crummy weather that night and Saturday we were ready to shoot! Ryan & Ashley's family did an amazing job setting up the backyard for the ceremony & reception. People came from across the country (literally) to celebrate. You'll see that Ryan & Ashley did a first viewing before the ceremony. We got some great photos while guests arrived and got to know the family a little bit. Later we enjoyed homemade chicken enchiladas and home-brewed beers from Ryan's mom & dad. Who needs caterers when you have a family like these two!?

Shortly after dinner, the dancing started. And it didn't stop till the sun went down. These guests brought their dancing shoes! The party continued as the sun went down. Kids running around the yard, the DJ keeping people on the dance floor all night and laughter and hugs all around.

Not only are they newly weds who just planned a wedding halfway across the country,  they were/are juggling school, a new job and moving to a new place!  I wish Ryan & Ashley the best of luck in the rest of their lives together! :)

I can't begin to describe the love and fun I saw in these families. I can only hope I captured it in photos! :)