Jory & Samantha: Engaged


I think I spent more time on the golf course on Sunday than I have in my whole life. And I wasn't even swinging a club. (I was doing something I enjoy MUCH more, taking pictures!!) Sam & Jory are finally engaged and I am so happy to be a part of this exciting time in my best friends life! Not only did I get to take her engagement pictures, but I get to be involved in her next year of planning and excitement as one of her bridesmaids :)  Samantha had the idea to do a golf themed engagement session and I am SO glad she did. We had a blast looking up ideas, talking over outfit coordination and speeding around in golf carts in between photos. Even though I don't think Sam has ever actually played a whole game of golf and I have only ever played once (although I'm not sure if you could call that 'playing'), we had a great time this weekend at Valleywood Golf Course. Maybe next time we are there, we will actually play. Or at least try. Maybe. :) So here they are, enjoy!