10 Things You're Bound to Forget on Your Wedding Day


Let's face it, you're bound to forget something on your wedding day. After attending countless weddings, we’ve compiled a list of commonly forgotten items to add to your wedding day checklist. 

1) Designated Dress Bustler(s)

When the time comes to bustle your dress, you need to make sure not just ONE person knows how to achieve this tedious task, but maybe two or three. Your wedding day doesn’t pause, so if you find yourself needing bustled right away & can’t find your designated person, it will be refreshing to know you have some options. You may feel invincible on your wedding day, but this is one task you surly cannot take care of yourself. So take advantage of the special occasion of being waited on like a princess & find a group of people to bustle you & send you on your way.

Bride gets her Wedding Dress Bustled with Toledo Ohio Wedding Photographers
Maid of Honor Helps Bride put on Wedding Shoes for Toledo Ohio Wedding

2) Food & Water

The Snicker’s commercial is absolutely correct: you’re not you when you’re hungry. If you’re anything like us, hungriness is NOT your best look…especially on your wedding day. A great way to nip this issue in the bud is by arranging to have food delivered while you’re getting ready or leave someone in charge of bringing along some snacks to hold you off until your cocktail hour/reception. We promise, it may not feel like there is time to eat, but you don’t want to wind up with a hunger headache stomach ache. Similarly, DRINK A LOT OF WATER. Hydrate up so that you can feel on your game when it’s time to stand at the alter and say “I do.” You know the saying, happy wife = happy life and that is not achieved on an empty stomach or dehydrated body.

Giraffe at the Toledo Zoo for Wedding with Northwest Ohio Wedding Photographers and Bride and Groom

3) Signage

Point people in the right direction so that you don’t have all your guests asking you where things are on your wedding day! Everything you can think of from guestbooks, bathroom, or drink list signs, make sure you have them & set them up prior to the start of your reception!

4) Reserved Seats for Grandparents

Grandparents make the world go round, let’s be honest. They deserve the absolute best care on your wedding day. Remember to bring along reserved seating signs for them so that, not only can see their pride & joy get married, but that they’re close to the alter for when family portrait time rolls around. We’re sure your grandparents would climb mountains for you, but on this day in particular, make sure they have seating reserved that isn’t too physically demanding to get in and out of. They’ll be thankful you did.

Pre Wedding Snacks and Beverages with Toledo Ohio Wedding Photographers
Groom and grandmother at Stone Ridge Golf Club for Wedding with Toledo Ohio Wedding Photographers

5) Transportation

It’s all fun & games until you’re stuck at your reception hall, eager to get to the after-party, with no ride. As silly as it sounds, transportation details are often forgotten. Unless you’re superhero couple, we almost guarantee that you’re not driving yourself to & from locations on your wedding day. This means that, although you may have someone taking you from ceremony location to your reception, you may not have someone, or even a vehicle in mind to get you from your reception to hotel or home afterwords. So whether you hire a personal chauffeur, an Uber or have your best friend swoop in to save the day, make sure you establish your rides prior to your wedding day so you can expect to leave when you’d intended.

6) Tips

If you have the intention of tipping your vendors, gather the money prior to the wedding and plan on assigning the envelopes, checks or cash to someone to give to each of them. This way, you’re not scrambling at the last minute, digging for it when really it should be living it up on the dance floor to your favorite songs.

Bride and Groom Exit Ceremony with Toledo Ohio Wedding Photographers at Stone Ridge Golf Club
Bar at Wedding in Bowling Green Ohio with Toledo Wedding Photographers at Stone Ridge Golf Club

7) Guest Book & Pens

You’d expect everyone to be gathering around their assigned table for the reception, or joining you on the dance floor, but when you look back at the entrance, you see a line of people surrounding your guest book, waiting on THE pen. It’s definitely something I wouldn’t have thought of, but we all have a junk drawer full of pens at home somewhere. Do yourself a favor a and send a handful of them with someone to put on the table so that everyone will get a chance to sign the book with and you won’t have to worry about losing the one specific pen; you’ll have back ups & people can get in and out of there quickly to celebrate.

8) Give us the Deets

Your invitation suite is a detail of your wedding you’ll want to remember! Make sure you bring them along with you so that we can capture some detail shots of them for you to look back on. That way you’ll still be able to see them even if they may get lost in your filing cabinet or tossed away by accident. You can stick them in a baggy or folder and leave it to the photographer to capture the detail shots of them.


9) Notes & Vows

We’ve witnesses it on napkins, backs of receipts & sticky notes. Whatever it is, if you have any intention of writing a pre-wedding note to your soon-to-be spouse, make sure you bring it, or something to write it on along with you. This goes for your vows too! If you can wing it or memorize it, then props to you. It’s nice to have it just in case you get choked up or lose your train of though as you’re standing there looking at your future.

10) Gift Vehicle

Ahh, the wedding gifts. Everything you’ve registered for, like the gravy boat you definitely didn’t need, the envelope with a check or the 7 embroidered hand towels that were just too cute to pass up are sitting there, wrapped up and on a table. The night has finally come to an end and you’re ready to go to your house, hotel or even jump right on the plane to your honeymoon…until you realize you have no idea what to do with all your gifts. It’s in your best interest to assign someone to transport your gifts to your house so that you won’t have to worry about cramming them all in your temporary vehicle with you. Also, it’s in your best interest to pack up all the gifts and get them in to the car before the night is over so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about at the end of the night.

You’re bound to forget something on your wedding day & we promise it’ll all be okay. We hope this lists gives you a lightbulb moment with some or many things you may have forgotten.

Toledo Ohio Groom with Toledo Wedding Photographers on Wedding Day Writing Vows Before Wedding